The below links and articles are meant to be helpful. Plus some are required information you will need to know when raising sheep in Canada.  **Especial if you intend on breeding and selling**

I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with 'The Canadian Code of Practice For The Care and Handling of Sheep'  Owning and raising Babydolls does not exempt you even if they are pets.

Ontario Rabies Immunization Requirements For Animals
The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recently announced that, as of July 1, 2018, all dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, and horses intended to come in contact with the general public must be vaccinated for rabies.
However, animals accessible only to the person or persons that are responsible for the care and control of such an animal will be exempt from the rabies vaccination requirement. This includes farm staff, transporters, veterinarians, artificial insemination and ultrasound technicians, abattoir and sales barn staff, and shearers. OSF has been working with the Beef Farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture to get clarity on the changes. OSF believes that the overwhelming majority of commercial sheep and cattle will not be required to be vaccinated. Further, animals participating in 4-H and other livestock events (i.e. fall fairs, The Royal) will not be subject to the requirement  provided "reasonable measures" (i.e. signage, physical barriers, etc.) are in place to prevent persons not authorized to handle or interact with animals from accessing animals. The rabies vaccination requirement is focused on "animal experience" events and interactive animal exhibits, where members of the public are intended to handle or pet animals. Public events where livestock are present (i.e. The Royal, fall fairs, Breakfast on the Farm) are not considered to be "animal experience" events and are not subject to the requirement.
The Ministry is planning to host a webinar with more information in the future.
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