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Welcome to Itsa Breeze Farm

Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep

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itsa breeze farm babydoll sheep

About Our Farm

In 1999 we purchased our farm in the beautiful community of Belwood, Ontario.  We started small with a few chickens, layers and meat birds.  Next came the horses, big and small.  Finally the sheep. The sheep are an extension of our youngest daughter's love of lambs. The Babydoll sheep seemed perfect. We do have a commercial flock of sheep which we love but the Babydoll sheep will be forever our favourites. Besides raising sheep for sale. The sheep produce fleece that we offer for sale as skirted and unwashed. Our chickens produce free range eggs. Plus  we grow and harvest our own hay.  Over the years we have taken courses to improve our farm management.  These courses consisted of: The Environmental Farm Plan, On Farm Biosecurity and Nutrient Management to name a few.  We also have an amazing veterinary service who helps keep our livestock healthy.

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